Anouck Noorden

Software Engineer

With us since 2012

Anouck (BASc.) was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Curaçao. He completed his studies Internet-Based Information Systems with a specialization in Programming at the University of Curaçao. During his studies he started to work as a Web Developer and in 2012 he joined BearingPoint Caribbean. As Software Engineer, Anouck is mainly responsible for maintaining the Front-End Interface for several tax application systems made in our Be Informed platform. This includes converting static designs into web-based elements and develop functions that interact with the user as they work in our web applications.

Anouck Noorden


BASc. Internet-Based Information Systems, University of Curaçao


Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamentu


Web Development, Be Informed Modeling, Microsoft SQL Server, Robot Framework, XSLT, jQuery, React, Sass, PHP.


Cycling, Scuba Diving, Dancing

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