We Are a Niche Player by Choice

We are BearingPoint. Born and raised in the Caribbean. For more than 35 years we have partnered with our governments, providing them with tailored technology solutions and consultancy to improve their processes. Our strength lies in understanding their core business and the specific challenges they face.

Our mission is to help Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and developing countries reach their full potential. BearingPoint Caribbean specializes in the digitalization of governments and offers technology solutions that make public services better, faster, and smarter. With technology as a catalyst, we use our expertise and knowledge to transform small-scale communities and developing countries and help them move forward.

The Team

Our team consists of passionate and highly educated people. With a strong drive to help governments function effectively and reach their full potential. Who dare to dream and think about the possibilities. We are go-getters, we think ahead and we dedicate each day to getting the job done. Take a look at our team.

Meet the team

Giving back

Giving back to others is part of our culture. We are highly committed to supporting our community and encourage all team members to get involved. Our people undertake all kinds of challenges to give back to society, help raise money, or take an active role in changing people’s lives. We believe giving back doesn’t just mean donating money, and regularly offer pro bono services to governments in the community to help them move forward.

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