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Dutch parliamentarian Bosman accuses St. Maarten minister Duncan of links with prostitution

~ Duncan says Bosman should go to prosecutor ~


THE HAGUE/PHILIPSBURG–Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament André Bosman of the liberal democratic VVD party openly accused St. Maarten’s Justice Minister Roland Duncan on Wednesday of having ties with prostitution on his island. Duncan has since responded that Bosman should either file a complaint or shut up.

“There are direct ties between the Minister of Justice of St. Maarten with prostitution,” said Bosman during a debate with Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans on the proposal for a revised agreement on the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) status of the Dutch Caribbean islands with the European Union (EU).

Bosman questioned how trustworthy Minister Duncan would be in solving the problems St. Maarten faces in the area of illegal immigration, high youth unemployment, increasing crime and internationally organised crime like drug-trafficking, human-smuggling and money-laundering.

The Member of Parliament (MP) cited a letter from St. Maarten’s Parliament in relation to the future challenges the country faces. The letter mentioned illegal immigration, high youth unemployment, increasing crime and internationally organised crime as areas of concern in light of the problematic social cohesion on the island.
Bosman pointed out that all these areas had been mentioned in the 2007 report of the scientific judicial centre WODC and St. Maarten’s crime vision analysis of December 2011. According to the MP, the most worrisome aspect in these reports is the connection between crime and the local government.

Bosman asked Timmermans whether he and the EU would urge St. Maarten to solve these issues. “We will seal an agreement with Country St. Maarten knowing that the solutions they find desirable will never come because of, for example, the interest of Minister of Justice Duncan. Can you set conditions within the agreement that this crime will be solved?”

Timmermans said Brussels was very strict and surely would file a formal complaint if fraudulent actions were committed with EU funds. However, he said he could not respond to cases of individual ministers and that Bosman would have to take this up with Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk.

Duncan spoke about the matter on PJD-2 radio and in Antilliaans Dagblad. He told the Curaçao-based newspaper that he had totally had it with Dutch politicians claiming all sorts of things. “Let the Prosecutor’s Office prove I have such ties. If not, stop it.”

He further suggested this was all because St. Maarten was doing too well. “Dutch politicians are trying to drum up all kinds of things to keep us down.”

Duncan added that he did not understand why the WODC report had been mentioned to back the allegation. “My name is not in that report,” he said.

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