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Dutch parlementarian calls St. Maarten Justice Park "prestige project", Dutch minister Plasterk also cites "other policy priorities"


THE HAGUE–Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament André Bosman of the governing liberal democratic VVD party challenged St. Maarten Minister of Justice Roland Duncan to let Dutch detectives investigate Duncan’s alleged involvement in prostitution on the island.

“If Duncan has nothing to hide as he says, he should allow detectives to investigate my claim,” Bosman said during a general debate of the Second Chamber’s Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations with Dutch Minister for Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk on Tuesday.

Bosman made clear that under no circumstances will he keep his mouth shut, as Duncan told him to do so via the media after the Member of Parliament (MP) accused the Minister of having ties with prostitution in a meeting in Parliament last week. Duncan told the media last week that Bosman should file a formal complaint against him if he truly believes that he has ties in prostitution on the island.

Bosman repeated his statement of last week in Tuesday’s meeting with Plasterk and asked the latter Minister to render his opinion on the St. Maarten Minister and his plans to construct a US $100 million Justice Park on the island. He said Duncan wants to spend a lot of money for his “prestige project” the Justice Park, while not enough is invested in the upgrading and understaffing of the police force.

Plasterk diplomatically responded that it was St. Maarten’s own responsibility as autonomous country within the Kingdom how to spend the government funds and that it was up to the island government to take a decision on the Justice Park.

But Plasterk did indirectly indicate that he was not in favour of the Justice Park because, as he said but, “of other policy priorities.” He added, “But that is just a bit of collegial advice.”

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