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Dutch minister Plasterk lifts higher supervision over St. Eustatius


ST. EUSTATIUS–Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk has informed the Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber that the preliminary supervision imposed on St. Eustatius due to its worrisome financial situation was lifted as per Friday, December 7.

In a letter sent to the Second Chamber on that date, Minister Plasterk indicated that several improvements had been realised, among which were the amended budget of 2012 and the balanced budget of 2013. The minister also mentioned that the annual accounts were submitted on time, that an action plan had been drafted to improve financial management in 2013, and that a new Head of the Finance Department had been appointed.

Statia was put under preliminary supervision on November 11, 2011, by former Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner, based on the law FinBES, Article 35, sub 5.

According to Minister Plaskerk, there was no need to extend the supervision, since Statia has complied with the conditions set forth by the Committee for Financial Supervision CFT.

CFT advised Minister Plasterk on December 4, not to extend the preliminary supervision, because Statia complied with the four conditions set by CFT.

These were an approved and balanced amendment to the 2012 budget; a balanced budget for 2012, which was timely approved by the Island Council; a timely submission of the annual statements over 2011, which had to be approved by the Island Council; and the preparation of a plan of approach concerning the improvement of financial management for 2013.

As a result of the actions, the preliminary supervision for the budget was lifted immediately.


Plasterk is tevreden over St. Eustatius

11 DECEMBER 2012

AD 11.12.12 I

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