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Curacao parliamentarian Helmin Wiels shot dead

SUNDAY, 05 MAY 2013

WILLEMSTAD–Leader of Curaçao coalition party “Pueblo Soberano” (PS) Helmin Magno Wiels was shot and killed at the Marie Pampoen pier Sunday afternoon.

Bystanders heard six shots at the public beach and fishing port near the spot where soup is sold under a tree, five of which apparently hit the Member of Parliament. Wiels was left lying motionless face down on the ground following the incident.

Unconfirmed reports said two young men with their heads covered in hoods were seen running away right after the shooting, but there was no immediate word on a possible motive. Paramedics upon their arrival covered the face of the politician, indicating he has passed away.

The latter was also confirmed by the doctor on duty who appeared soon after, as did several members of government including Justice Minister Nelson and various other parliamentarians both from the PS- and other fractions. Relatives and supporters of the victim were also on hand, many of them crying and angry about what happened.

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