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Close to three million guilders collected in road tax on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG–Close to NAf. three million has been collected so far in motor vehicle tax, Finance Minister Roland Tuitt told reporters on Wednesday.

It could not be ascertained how this compares to the amount collected for the corresponding period last year. Tuitt said during Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press briefing that payment of the motor vehicle tax “is still going reasonably well.”

February 28 was the deadline for the payment. The minister urges persons who have not yet paid their tax to do so.

The Tax Administration collected a total of NAf. 8.5 million in motor vehicle tax payment in 2011 and sold 27,196 pairs of number plates. In 2010 more than NAf. 8 million in motor vehicle tax was collected and 25,966 pairs of number plates sold, while NAf. 8 million was collected in 2008 and NAf. 7.5 million in 2007. The amount collected for 2012 could not be ascertained.

Due to revised legislation, taxpayers will keep their existing plates. Individuals who require a number plate for a new vehicle will have to pay an additional fee. The fee usually charged for number plates in the past (NAf. 12.50 for regular vehicles and NAf. 7.50 for bikes and mopeds) only applies to newly purchased vehicles and is not being paid by owners with existing plates. These persons only need pay their annual vehicle tax. Vehicle owners are asked to keep the receipt for their taxes paid with the other required documents, in their vehicle.

This year government has expanded the options by which vehicle owners can pay their vehicle tax. They now have the choice of paying at the Receiver’s Office, at the bank or via internet banking.

In the latter two cases, vehicle owners are required to provide all relevant information such as their plate number, name, address and CRIB number so the payment can be processed at the Receiver’s Office.

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