CIAT Technology Meeting 2016

The 2016 CIAT Technology Meeting

It’s always good to share best practices, and talk to industry experts and the 2016 CIAT Technology Meeting is a very good platform for this. Governments in the region need a platform to communicate and share experiences and best practices with each other. On October 10 – 12 there will be such a gathering in Miami, organized by the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT), where governments and industry experts will share knowledge and network. The CIAT Technology Meeting is also a great chance to discover the best IT solutions for tax administrations. Creating a strong taxation system is at the core of these days. The Meeting will focus on every aspect of tax administration; from registration to filing and collection, taxpayer service and audit, as well as detecting non-compliance. Exhibits will display innovative applications of current technology and development of advanced applications.

We will be there sharing our experiences and best practices with you

We will be at the CIAT Technology Meeting, looking forward to sharing our experiences in the sector with you to enable you to strengthen your tax administration.

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Tax administrations are facing similar challenges

We are looking forward to attend CIAT and learn from the challenges, discussions and solutions from you, the other countries and other experts. In the past years we have learned about the 4 biggest challenges from Government Officials:


1. The right administration software has a direct effect on the revenue stream of the country.

2. Dysfunctional software contributes to lower tax compliance and higher tax evasion.

3. Too many manual processes put an enormous strain on personnel as well as the productivity of the organization.

4. Your administration system has to adapt fast to new legislations.

We would love to learn about your biggest IT challenge in your tax organization, so we can prepare some personalized advice for you. And help you to prepare for your visit to CIAT.


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What insights will you gain after visiting our stand?

  • Why for more than 30 years our sole focus has been on governments, assisting them to become Smart Islands.
  • Why the Tax Administration of the Dutch Caribbean BES Islands experienced 26% more revenue than forecasted during the first year after implementation of the Multi Tax Solution (MTS).
  • How our Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES) supports both FATCA and CRS for tax authorities in one solution. MDES is built to quickly implement other AEOI standards in the future.
  • Why changes in legislation are easily and quickly adjusted in our Solutions.
  • Why our Custom Of The Shelf (COTS) Solutions are adequate for small-scale countries.
For more information about keynote adresses, panel discussions and other presentations during the CIAT Technology Meeting, download the schedule here:

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About CIAT

The Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) supports the efforts of national governments by promoting the evolution, social acceptance and institutional strengthening of tax administrations, encouraging international cooperation and the exchange of experiences and best practices.

CIAT is a non-profit international public organization that provides specialized technical assistance for the modernization and strengthening of tax administrations. Founded in 1967, CIAT currently has 39 member countries and associate member countries from four continents: 31 countries of the Americas, 5 European countries, 2 African countries and 1 Asian country.

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