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Chikungunya cases continue to increase on St. Martin


MARIGOT–The latest Institut de Veille Sanitaire INVS bulletin published January 2, indicates a total of 271 suspected cases of chikungunya in St. Martin have been established in consultation with medical practitioners since the start of the epidemic on December 6.

Some 98 cases are currently confirmed with a further 20 categorised as probable.

Of the above, five confirmed cases and one probable case, all adults, have been hospitalised in St. Martin. Another confirmed case, a child, has been transferred to the hospital in Guadeloupe. To date, however, there have been no deaths from chikungunya.

In the rest of the French Antilles, St. Barths has seven confirmed cases and two probable. In Martinique, 13 cases have been confirmed and five probable, while there are a further 43 suspected cases.

Guadeloupe has confirmed three cases and 26 others are suspected; French Guiana has just one case confirmed.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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