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Bonaire govt. is patched up

11 MARCH 2017

BONAIRE–The Government of Bonaire is in the saddle again as independent Island Council member Jeanoushka “Nunu” Raphaela and UPB’s James Kroon reversed their earlier decision to withdraw support for the MPB-led coalition.

The Executive Council can now once more count on the backing of six of the nine seats in the legislature. The parties involved vow to continue the current policies but with as clear priority improving the quality of life for every citizen, they said after agreement was reached.

MPB has three seats, while UPB, Raphaela and also independent Island Council member Bernabela hold one each.

PDB has three seats as well, but fraction-leader Robby Beukenboom can actually only count on the loyalty of Maruga Janga. The opposition party’s third seat is occupied by Michael Pieters, who is behind former political leader Clark Abraham in his power struggle with Beukenboom.’

Source: THe Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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