Tax Administration Suriname continues its modernization project by implementing new tax software system

The Tax Administration of Suriname continues to accelerate their digital transformation project. The organization has now entered a phase in which it will implement tax reform measures to strengthen the fiscal institution and improve compliance. One crucial aspect of the project is the implementation of the Multi Tax Solution from software developer BearingPoint Caribbean. The new tax system will transform the paper-based tax administration into one with a modern tax system with online portals for citizens, businesses, and employers.

As part of the broader tax reform effort of the Government of Suriname aimed at restoring fiscal stability, the tax administration is forging ahead with its transformation. The improvement of its taxpayer services is one of the key initiatives of the plan. Offering digital options for registration, managing, and payment of tax returns is of the highest priority.

From paper-based to online portals

The Multi Tax Solution modernizes the filing, management, and payment of taxes. The central system is linked to online portals that greatly facilitate businesses and citizens to comply with their tax obligations. They will no longer have to queue at the counter with their files on paper, but can submit, manage, and pay their taxes and arrange other tax-related affairs through the online portals. The accessibility, ease of use, instant data validations, and ability to view data online also results in more on-time and higher-quality tax returns, which increases tax revenues.

The back office of the Multi Tax Solution offers a big improvement to the automation of the tax processes, which benefits the tax administration employees. The managing and processing of taxes work much better and more efficiently, with much less risk of human error.

Implementation in phases

The new tax system will replace the existing legacy systems. Following best practices and BearingPoint’s extensive experience at 13 other tax administration clients, the various modules and functionalities of the system will be implemented in phases. Every implementation includes an extensive training and testing phase, which will help the organization to absorb this large-scale transformation in manageable steps. The employees of the Tax Administration will play an important role in this and will be supported by BearingPoint Caribbean’s service desk and local project coordinators.

Quote Project Suriname

Avinash Grootens, managing director of BearingPoint Caribbean: “We applaud the efforts of the Government and Tax Administration of Suriname to enhance and improve compliance. BearingPoint is excited to contribute with our Multi Tax Solution to this important transformation project that will lead to a brighter future for the country of Suriname as a whole. We will help empower our client as they make huge steps to reach their full potential”.

First release

The first functionality of the first module to be implemented is for the registration of VAT payers. This will be available to businesses that are subject to the VAT. The introduction of this new tax type is a top priority for the tax administration and will therefore be the first release. The entire implementation of the new tax software system and all modules will take up to 3 years.

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