Successful launch Multi Tax Solution for Tax Administration Curaçao

BearingPoint Caribbean is pleased to announce that the first modules of the new system of the Tax Administration of Curaçao went live on Monday, March 15, 2021. With the launch, an important step has been taken towards fulfilling the ambition of the Tax Administration of Curaçao to reach higher levels.

The Tax Administration of Curaçao identified the need to prioritize the offering of online services. Also, global modernization in tax organizations and current developments in services and digitization has led to the conclusion that the current system was no longer adequate. The focus of the tax administration is on professionalizing and modernizing their organization and providing more digital and online services to the taxpayers.

The starting point for the new system was the integration of the systems of the Inspectorate and Receivers office. The goal of structuring business processes was to achieve more efficiency by moving to one platform and a single source of registration. The new system allows for a new administration of persons where the correct information is placed in a single file of the taxpayer. Redundant manual tasks and duplicate entry are removed to better facilitate the tax administration’s personnel. The newly implemented Income Tax module processes returns automatically based on predetermined criteria. This means that processing is accelerated and that employees can mainly focus on more complex and complicated cases.

Taxpayers will experience faster processing of declarations, as these are now processed based on legislation and regulations and in combination with so-called counter-information, using information from employers and old declarations, among others. This is done completely automatically. In the long term, citizens will benefit even more from the new system because refunds will be deposited much faster thanks to automatically executed bank transfers.

Income Tax

The introduction of the Multi Tax Solution (MTS) is being implemented step-by-step and rolled out in phases. The system currently provides for the handling of income tax from 2019. The next steps will be to add other tax types such as profit tax and wage tax to the system, as well as the replacement of the current Receivers’ system which will be fully integrated with this MTS. A new self-service portal was previously launched in 2019 with improved functionalities, in which taxpayers submit their returns online in a digitized and improved way.

Franco Diaz, Managing Director of BearingPoint Caribbean, regarding the milestone: “The new system is an essential part of the foundation for further development of the new tax organization. This marks an important step towards modern taxpayer services that will benefit all citizens and businesses of Curaçao. As BearingPoint, we are proud to be part of this journey and look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

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