Platform for Collaboration on Tax (PCT) – Progress Report 2020

The Progress Report 2020 of the Platform for Collaboration on Tax (PCT) provides a snapshot of the world’s four leading multilateral organizations’ cooperation in the area of domestic resource mobilization, including in their responses to COVID-19.

The Platform for Collaboration on Tax (PCT) is a joint initiative of the IMF, OECD, UN, and the World Bank. The PCT Progress Report 2020 is the part of the PCT’s commitment to transparency by making its work plan and outputs publicly available to governments and relevant stakeholders. The report highlights activities that the PCT has carried out since June 2019 under three workstreams: cooperation and exchange of information in DRM capacity development activities, analytical activities, and outreach activities.

The Progress Report 2020 was released on 10 July 2020.

Total pages 34 • Language English 

Source: Platform for Collaboration on Tax (PCT)

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