Online application for the Social Affairs and Labor unit (SZW) for Caribbean Netherlands

BearingPoint developed and implemented an online application for the Social Affairs and Labor unit (SZW), a part of the Social Affairs Ministry. The unit is responsible for executing the General Retirement Insurance (AOV), Widow and Orphans Act General Insurance BES (AWW) and the Social Relief Law BES (Onderstandswet BES). Its working area covers Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius.

The “Onderstand en Pensioenen” application was developed on the Be Informed platform. It is an internal application, based on a previous version of our MBS solution, and has been successfully processing pension and social relief requests since 2012. Through the application, the civil servants of SZW can register people that request social relief and/or pension. The application then determines the entitlement of the requested benefit and, if applicable, calculates the entitled amount based on the most recent applicable laws and regulations. Subsequently, the application generates decision letters that inform the applicant about the consequences for his or her personal situation based on the applicable law. Finally, the calculated entitled amounts are made payable to external parties/banks. Reporting functionalities are also available in the “Onderstand en Pensioenen” application, making it possible to generate several reports, from workload information for the department to management reports for financial accountability.

Implemented out-of-the-box Be Informed functionalities, such as profile-based login and automatic logging of all events and modifications in cases, provide maximum visibility. The application also features a solid audit trail, which includes the information used, the decisions made, and by whom.

Today over 4000 AOV and AWW cases are processed and made payable each month for pensioners living on the BES islands and all over the world. Lastly, the application is also responsible for the payout of social relief on a bi-weekly basis to over 400 people living on the BES islands.

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