New Collections System for Ministry of Finance Curaçao

BearingPoint developed and implemented the new collections system for the Ministry of Finance of Curaçao. The previous system had been operational for almost 20 years at the Receiver’s office. Over the years, BearingPoint has not only offered technical support but also functional support. Since 2013, the Receiver’s office has implemented several process improvements to increase tax compliance and reduce the number of physical service desks in the tax office.

BearingPoint was the lead for the development, implementation, and aftercare of the Multi Collection Solution. Also, BearingPoint has implemented the operational changes. Some of these changes include:

  • A payment reference number to be able to automatically match payments with claims
  • Barcode scanning and processing functionality for the payment reference number of payments made at the Receiver’s office
  • Automated processing of bank payments (after 1 year in production, almost 70% of the payments can be matched automatically based on the payment reference number)
  • Automatic import of bank account numbers
  • Automated settlement and restitution processes (the number of restitution assessments that could be used for settlement has increased from under 1,000 per month in 2015 to around 2,500 per month in 2017. Since this new functionality has been implemented, all tax types can be used for settlement, instead of only income tax).


Lastly, we are analyzing the integration of the collection of all social security contributions (from the Social Insurance Bank – SVB) in the database of the Receiver and the possibility to offer POS-based payment functionality (PAGOmatiko system) to taxpayers.

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