Elevating Client Experience at BearingPoint: Spotlight on Rogenna Josephina

In the dynamic world of digital transformation in public services, BearingPoint Caribbean has been making waves by enhancing client experiences through innovation and the expertise of its talented employees. Among these remarkable individuals is Rogenna Josephina, a Client Engagement Trainee who is driving positive change within the company.

This blog post delves into Rogenna’s background, her journey to BearingPoint Caribbean, and her valuable contributions to the company’s mission.


Getting to know Rogenna Josephina:

Rogenna Josephina is a bright and dedicated professional who hails from the picturesque island of Curaçao. As the only child in a small family, she cultivated a strong sense of independence and a passion for pursuing her dreams. Rogenna’s educational journey began at the Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean, where she studied Business Administration with a focus on general management.

Eager to combine her interests in business management and analytics, she embarked on a master’s program at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom, eventually graduating with the highest honor classification.

After completing her studies, Rogenna returned to her homeland, determined to contribute to Curaçao’s development.

She joined BearingPoint Caribbean, attracted by the company’s commitment to digital transformation and its role in reshaping public administration and compliance. Rogenna’s journey wasn’t limited to her professional pursuits; she also embraced the opportunity to teach communication skills to pre-bachelor students at the Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean.

Client Experience at BearingPoint


A shift towards effortless excellence:

In a time when adaptation is key, BearingPoint Caribbean remains committed to harnessing the power of digital innovation. We recognize the importance of improving both our products and the experiences we offer to the users of our software solutions.

This pursuit led us to explore creative avenues, resulting in a game-changing approach spearheaded by Rogenna herself. Recognizing the need for efficient knowledge transfer and learning, 

Rogenna embarked on a mission to transform the traditional methods we used before. With unwavering determination, she crafted a series of instructional videos, revolutionizing the way information is disseminated.

This visionary approach eliminated mountains of papers and readings, enabling our clients to embrace a dynamic learning experience through video tutorials.


Empowering clients through video tutorials:

In collaboration with Rogenna, we have introduced ‘how-to’ videos that empower our clients to navigate sophisticated systems effortlessly.

These instructional videos serve as a guide to utilizing MTS’s functionalities, aiming to enhance user experiences and facilitate smooth digital transformations. Rogenna’s efforts resulted in a successful launch of the videos for the Inland Revenue Department of Grenada, with plans to extend the offering to other revenue departments. By making information accessible and user-friendly, we’re taking strides toward a future where learning and skill development are at our clients’ fingertips.


The driving force behind excellence: Rogenna Josephina:

Within every successful brand lies a team of dedicated professionals who embody its vision. Rogenna Josephina stands at the forefront of our commitment to excellence. Her tireless dedication to crafting informative videos that facilitate learning has not only improved our products but also enriched our clients’ experiences.

Rogenna’s journey serves as a testament to her dedication to innovation and continuous improvement. Her story is emblematic of the passion and drive that fueled BearingPoint Caribbean’s mission to revolutionize client experiences.


Beyond the office:

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Rogenna’s interests highlight her diverse talents and passions.

She finds solace in music, series, and the serenity of the beach. Yet, her true passion is culinary and shines through her love for cooking. With aspirations to start a cooking channel on YouTube, Rogenna’s creativity knows no bounds. Additionally, her role in coordinating the yearly family retreat in Punta Cana highlights her ability to manage responsibilities and create memorable experiences for others.



BearingPoint Caribbean is committed to digital transformation through its client-centric solutions and with employees like Rogenna Josephina this is put into practice. Through her dedication, innovative spirit, and passion for positive change, Rogenna embodies the values that drive BearingPoint Caribbean forward. Her journey from education to career, and her unwavering commitment to making a difference, are an inspiration to both her colleagues and her clients. As BearingPoint continues to reshape client experiences, Rogenna remains an integral part of the company’s journey toward excellence.


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