Data Conversion and Migration Strategy – BearingPoint

As part of any Multi Tax Solution implementation, the conversion and migration of data from the current source system (Legacy system) to the new solution (MTS) is an important task within the implementation of MTS. Following the Plan of Approach (POA) and the Initial Business Analysis (IBA), where the high-level approach and scope with regards to the data conversion and the data migration will be indicated, this document, the Data Conversion & Migration Strategy, sets out the framework for the implementation of the required conversion and migration of the data such that the implementation of the MTS is realized.

Objective of strategy

The Data Conversion & Migration strategy document aims to provide an overview of the BearingPoint methodology for implementing the required data conversion and data migration for the implementation of the MTS. It, therefore, contains the scope and budget, the framework for the implementation of the processes involved, and the project agreements. This document also sets out the basis for the detailed implementation document, which will focus on required and specific detailed steps.

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