BearingPoint’s Tax Performance Summit returns with success

Last week, BearingPoint Caribbean hosted its third annual Tax Administration Performance Summit, welcoming 10 tax administrations from the Caribbean and the Pacific. The successful summit was hosted in-person at the BearingPoint office as well as virtually for remote participants.

Delegates from Dominica, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos, Fiji, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea (among others) attended the three-day event. A wide array of topics, ranging from trends and innovation in revenue administration to IT solution adoption, were addressed in meetings and discussions. The event was co-hosted by C2D Services, the Canadian-based implementation partner of BearingPoint Caribbean responsible for data cleansing & migration, training and coaching, change management, and communications support for tax administrations.

The participants attended demonstrations of the Multi Tax Solution (MTS) and the Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES). The demos provided valuable insights and a detailed understanding of the two solutions developed by BearingPoint, which form part of the Public Services Suite. The MTS helps to modernize tax administration operations, while the MDES enables the international exchange of tax information between jurisdictions.

A special session was organized in collaboration with Justin Zake, the head of IMF’s TADAT Secretariat, the organization that focuses on the performance assessment of tax administrations around the world. The attendees were treated to a demo of the TADAT dashboard module, a tool that was developed by BearingPoint in close collaboration with the TADAT Secretariat. The TADAT dashboard monitors the tax administration’s performance with a real-time overview using the objective standards of TADAT.

Avinash Grootens, Managing Director of BearingPoint: “We were excited to welcome all our participants after detailed and careful planning. We had to postpone the event last year due to COVID-19, so it is of great value to connect with these 10 tax administrations and exchange experiences and best practices. Ultimately, our aim is to grow our business with more tax administration clients in the Caribbean, Pacific, and globally. Right now, we are well projected to achieve these targets, expanding our client portfolio and growing from our current 13 tax administrations to 25+ customers worldwide. Such an event also brings visibility to the opportunities Curaçao has to offer regarding IT as an export sector.”

To that effect, the participants also visited Blue NAP Americas, the multi-tenant Tier-IV certified data center. The participants were hosted by CEO Danilo Zabala and were extremely impressed by the state-of-the-art facility catering to clients in North, Central, and Latin America. BlueNAP is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the region.

BearingPoint hosted its first-ever Tax Administration Performance Summit in 2018 in St. Kitts. The second edition was held in Curaçao in 2019.

Tax Summit 2021 Group Picture

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