Anguilla selects BearingPoint Caribbean to implement transformational software systems for tax and social security

BearingPoint Caribbean has recently added Anguilla to its client list. It is the first OECS member country to partner with the software company, after the decision to expand into new geographical markets in the region. BearingPoint Caribbean has been selected by both the Anguilla Inland Revenue Department as well as the Anguilla Social Security Board to start configuration and implementation of two IT systems for tax and social security.

The first project is an Integrated Tax Administration System for the Inland Revenue Department of Anguilla. BearingPoint will configure the system using the proven Multi Tax Solution (MTS) and integrate all tax types, business rules, and business processes for the IRD in one system. The MTS combines the levying and collection of taxes with data analytics to create a 360-degree view of taxpayers. This ensures increase in compliance and revenue for the tax authority. The same system has been implemented in other countries and has led to significant improvements in efficiency and higher compliance.

The second project is a new Integrated Social Information Administration System for the Anguilla Social Security Board. BearingPoint Caribbean will implement its Multi Benefit Solution (MBS). It enables the Anguilla Social Security Board to streamline the delivery of benefits to citizens in compliance with legislation and regulations.

BearingPoint Caribbean as a leading provider

BearingPoint Caribbean is a leading provider of government process software for tax administrations and social security organizations. After partnering with governments in the Dutch Caribbean for over 30 years, the organization directed its focus to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean and Pacific. Both projects on Anguilla will be serviced from BearingPoint’s local office on the neighboring island of Sint Maarten.

The projects fit into BearingPoint Caribbean’s vision of using information technology to help SIDS move forward. In the future, both systems on Anguilla can be fitted into a single government platform that will enhance collaboration and information sharing within governmental organizations and between government and citizens. Avinash Grootens, BearingPoint’s Managing Director responsible for international business development, said: “BearingPoint’s selection as IT partner by the Government of Anguilla is a result of all the dedication and hard work our team consistently delivers. Developing software specifically designed for governments is our business, however, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver more than just software by creating solutions that help transform governments and their public services. Because in the end, their citizens will benefit from an efficient and well-functioning government.”

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