2022 Tax Administration Performance Summit

This week, BearingPoint Caribbean welcomed seven tax administrations from the Caribbean region to its fourth annual Tax Administration Performance Summit held in Curaçao.

Heads and other delegates from the tax administrations of Anguilla, Bonaire, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, and Turks & Caicos attended the three-day event. The event was co-hosted by C2D Services, the Canadian-based implementation partner of BearingPoint Caribbean.

The event consisted of workshops and presentations on topics related to organizational performance, including agile leadership, change management, gender equity, tax administration performance assessment, and data-based decision support. The participants also visited Blue NAP Americas on Seru Mahuma, the multi-tenant Tier-IV certified data center and one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the region.

Participants also exchanged their experiences with the software developed by BearingPoint. A case study was presented by the Anguilla Inland Revenue Department on how BearingPoint’s Multi Tax Solution contributes to modernizing tax administration operations and significantly improves online taxpayer services. 

The Dominica Inland Revenue Department explained how the Multi Data Exchange Solution supports them with the international exchange of tax information between jurisdictions and enables Dominica to adhere to all the OECD CRS and USA FATCA regulations.

Managing Director for BearingPoint, Mr. Avinash Grootens, emphasized the importance of collaboration: “This year’s theme was: ‘working together´. At BearingPoint, we are proud to facilitate a platform for Caribbean jurisdictions to work together on common challenges. The process through which countries raise money and spend their own funds to provide for their people is now more important than ever in this post-pandemic era. Learning from each other’s strategies and sharing experiences is key to improving tax administration performance.”

In addition to the successful Summit experience, the participants were invited on a walking tour to admire the beautiful art and culture of Otrobanda and to learn about the history of Curaçao. To top it off, they were treated to ‘ka’i orgel’ music, traditional dance, and a sample of our carnival while enjoying delicious Krioyo food.


About the BearingPoint-C2D partnership:

BearingPoint Caribbean and C2D Services (hereinafter “BE-C2D”) have partnered to offer an integrated turnkey business solution powered by the MTS system to countries across the Caribbean and the Pacific. Our joint project team collaborates with counterparts at revenue authorities to leverage the skillsets and experience of all team members, thereby successfully implementing robust business solutions and mobilizing our clients’ national revenue.

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