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Aqualectra Annual Report 2015

2015 was the year in which an important part of the foundation was laid in the quest for a better Aqualectra. Seeing matters from the perspective of our customers was – and remains – vital for the way we do business. After all, Aqualectra is here to serve the community.
Curaçao’s future is our future, and when Curaçao thrives, we thrive.

We acknowledge that we are still at the outset of a bigger journey, but we are also not afraid to modestly say that we have already come a long way. This is why this annual report does not merely ‘talk the talk’, but shows how ’the talk is being walked’. The unprecedented results of 2015 were realized through a more efficient production mix, which also allowed lower tariffs and sufficient capacity to meet demands, while laying the groundwork for more sustainable energy. Aqualectra today is an organization moving into the future, hand-in-hand with our customers and the community we serve. An organization with new energy; literally and figuratively.

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