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Annual Report 2015 Vidanova Pension Fund Curacao

Herewith we present to you the 2015 Annual Report of the Fund. The main objective of the report is to inform you about the performance and the development of the Fund for the year and give a fair view of the assets and the liabilities and all other financial or other relevant information of your Pension Fund.

All pension funds are continuously confronted with challenges. One of these challenges is life expectancy at birth which continues to be the focal point of discussion of many institutional investors worldwide. The following table shows the life expectancy estimate at birth for 2015 as mentioned in “The World Factbook”, a report produced for US policymakers and coordinated throughout the US Intelligence Community.

In the table we can see the life expectancy estimate at birth for 2015 for several countries, starting with the three countries with the longest life expectancy, followed by a number of relevant countries being the Dutch Kingdom countries and a number of countries in the region.

As can be observed from the table, the life expectancy at birth is considerably high for our islands. People are living longer which on the one hand is a good thing. However, it also implies higher costs considering that not many pension funds or countries have taken such a substantial longevity into consideration.

Another related development is the continued declining birth rates. Both these issues combined, require more research how to develop and fund an adequate system to carry the generation that continues to age in the years to come.

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