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2 shot, 1 arrest made during robbery attempt

28 JANUARY 2017

COLE BAY–Three masked men entered Fai Wang Restaurant near closing time on Friday evening demanding cash from employees. Some brave persons who were in the restaurant at the time immediately called police to report the crime.

Off-duty officers and the Police Arrest Team arrived at the business five minutes later and ordered the men to come out with their hands up. The robbers ignored their call and tried to escape by running away from the scene.

The men started firing at police, officers returned fire and a shootout ensued. One robber was shot close to his mouth, arm and leg, and another was shot in the arm, leg and buttocks. Police managed to corner and arrest the third robber while he was trying to escape in a getaway car.

A part of Wellington Road was blocked off after the incident and ambulance personnel were called in to tend to the robbers gunshot wounds. Police transported the robber who had not been shot to Philipsburg while the two wounded men were taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center Emergency Room for treatment.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson told The Daily Herald no police officers had been injured during the shootout and thanked the persons who had immediately called police about the ongoing robbery.

“We can only keep the community safe with the continued help of all persons. Crime does not affect one or two persons, it affects everyone. I encourage the community to continue providing the much-needed information about anything that can be considered breaking the law,” said Henson.

Investigators confiscated three weapons from the robbers, along with their clothing, which included masks they wore during the robbery attempt.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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