Joël Sanches - Software Architect

: + 5999 734 3200 :

Joël Sanches (BSc.) is a Senior Manager in the BearingPoint Caribbean practice on Curaçao. He has been with the company since 1997 and has experience in managing and executing projects in the area of IT infrastructure, CRM, Corporate Enterprise Portals solutions, system development, MIS, and EAI. He has in depth knowledge of and experience with analysing business processes, analysing information needs and systems requirements and designing and developing business applications. Joel has also delivered solutions in the areas of data warehousing and management information systems.

Dutch, English, Papiamento, Sranan Tongo

BSc. Computer Science, Hogeschool Enschede

.NET, Project Management, Microsoft CRM, SQL Server, Data warehousing, Centura, Integration.

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